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"The human ear can only hear sounds within a certain range. Beyond that range the universe is full of music that the ear cannot hear. For an Indian musician, one of those goals is to hear that universal song."
                                             - Maestro Aloke Dasgupta

The Profile

Aloke Dasgupta, an outstanding young performer on the sitar......

Conquering western frontiers - Aloke Dasgupta is successfully propagating Hindustani raag sangeet in the west.
- The Statesman,Calcutta 

He is considered to be the number one sitarist in the sub-continent both  in his technique and play. 
- Eastern Eye, London 

The strokes were bold and clear both in tan and jhala and had that laya and aesthetic awareness which make serious sincere music.
- The Asian Age, Calcutta 

A tuneful success...
- The Gazette, London 

His alap, jod and jhala in the evening raga Marva was neat and well constructed. A lot of rhythmic variations in the teen tal gats made his concert interesting.
- The Telegraph, Calcutta 

Mr. Dasgupta is a musician of brilliant technique, great imagination, and (at times) an engaging playfulness.
- San Diego READER, USA 

Performer tries to give Hindustani music life.
- The Arizona Republic 


The Los Angeles Philharmonic  


Maestro Aloke Dasgupta is one of the original sitar players from India. Aloke played a special concert for Mick Jagger, and the 50th birthday celebration for Ozzy Osbourne, which was broadcast in VHF Television. Together with Linda J Jonson Aloke composed a sitar concerto. Aloke also played sitar on the multimillion-selling album Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt.


The Sitar Player… Aloke Dasgupta

By Brad Jacobson


“Sound is God” states Aloke Dasgupta as he sits in his living room in a quant house in North Torrance.  Aloke has performed along side of some of the greatest performers including Clapton, Rolling Stones, George Harrison, Gwen Stafani, and the LA Philharmonic at venues ranging from India to the Hollywood Bowl.  His sitar music has also been featured in major film and and television soundtracks.

I first met Aloke on an assignment for the Easy Reader.  I

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Aloke Dasgupta’s journey from accountant to Rolling Stone musical collaborator 

Aloke Dasgupta’s journey from accountant to Rolling Stone musical collaborator

Aloke Dasgupta arrived in the U.S. as an accountant. He and his wife have since played with the Rolling Stones and the LA Philharmonic and established their own music school in Torrance


by William Foss   



Aloke Dasgupta, who has played with the Rolling Stones, Cheap Trick, and Gwen Stefani, outside his Torrance home. Photo by Brad Jacobson

On a quiet street in North Torrance lives an internationally renowned

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Tribune India 

Musical high 
 SD Sharma


Aloke Dasgupta believes in improvisation to make music palatable to all age groups

"WE, the Indian musicians are best known and respected for being maestros and performers abroad because of the established superlative splendour of Indian classical music," saying it with pride is the Los Angeles-based renowned sitar virtuoso, Aloke Dasgupta in the city, on the invitation of Pracheen Kala Kendra.

"Last time while opening a Kendra centre, Guru Madan Lal Koser advised me to create

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    Your Lotus Eye

    Collective Jazz compositions By Aloke and Don


    Folk Song’s of Kashmir Orchestra conducted By Maestro Aloke Dasgupta

    Hilton, Torrance, Long Beach CA

    Kashmiri Gathering of North India (KGNI) Folk Song’s of Kashmir Orchestra conducted By Maestro Aloke Dasgupta Sponsored by BQE Software Development


    Sitar Concert for differently abled

    Artist: Aloke Dasgupta For more info call (310) 489-5760


    Sitar Concert Series - Aloke Dasgupta

    Seatle WA

    An Evening of Indian Classical Music and Percussion

    Anupama Rea Auditorium , 4203 West 3rd Street,, Los Angeles CA 90020

    Bengali American Hindu Society Cultural Group & Raga Ranjani School of Music Introduces An Evening of Indian Classical Music and Percussion (Tabla, Pakhawaj, etc.)

    Lecture- Demonstration

    Presented by:

    Sitar: Aloke Dasgupta (M.A. Ethnomusicology, San Diego State Univ, Sangeet Prabhakar, Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad, India)

    Voice: Sanjukta Dasgupta (M.A. Rabindra Bharati Univ, Kolkata, India)

    Tabla: Ashok Dutta (Professor, Rabindra Bharati Univ, Kolkata, India)

    Call: Raga Ranjani School Ph: 310-489-5760 | 310-344-9223

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